Unknown Territory And The Transformative Power Of Creative People – Inspired by Jordan Peterson

I’ve been meditating on the role that creative people play in society and have been studying Jordan Peterson and his lectures on mythology to gain a deeper understanding of the value that creative people contribute to our culture.

Creative people are built to grapple with the unknown

Time and time again I keep coming back to the idea that creative people have a larger capacity to handle complexity and therefore they are better equipped to lead culture into the unknown.

The unknown contains mysterious things, both good and bad. And heading into the unknown is always a risky endeavor. You never know where enemies are located or if your risk-taking will be rewarded. But the transformation that we seek to obtain can only take place if we accept such risks.

For a transformative process to take place in our world, It’ll take creative thinkers who are open to assimilating new information and intelligent enough to synthesize the new with the old.

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Jared, what is this?

This video is kind of a poetic rambling where I verbally sort through existential ideas about the nature of creativity, creative people, modern mythology mindsets, and the psychology of our culture and society as a whole.

It’s a bit different from my usual videos but these are the kinds of conversations I have with myself to try to flesh out a better understanding of such complex ideas. I wanted to share these thoughts with you and I hope you find them interesting.

I’m going to be continuing to study Jordan Peterson’s work and I found heaps of books on Carl Jung so I will be continuing to read and learn in the domain of psychology. I also found some psychology books on creativity and creative people so I will be slowly reading through them, taking notes, and bringing you the interesting findings.

By Jared Chan

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Video Transcript

There’s strength in the unknown. That’s what I want to talk to you about today. There’s this strength that lays in the unknown for creative people.

You see most people in life when they are looking to get a job, or they’re looking to lay out their life. They take the tried and true approach, what they perceive to be true, that tried and tested approach. It’s that orderly, known, foreseeable, future. They see a certain stability that comes along with it so they choose that direction so they can benefit from the stability of that approach to life.

But if you know anything about Jungian psychology or you know anything about mythology then you’ll understand that the unknown holds a lot of mystery for those who dare to follow that path. The unknown, there’s the tried and tested path and then there’s the unknown path over here.

Now, not many people want to go to the unknown path because they fear the unknown. They fear what lays in the unknown and for good reason because in the unknown there’s all sorts of dangerous creatures, dangerous predators, and when I’m saying that I’m saying it in a mythological sense. In the unknown, there’s a lot of danger, but in the unknown, there’s a lot of strength building because it takes a lot out of a person to confront the unknown.

So to make it more practical, think about it. Most people want to just have a job so then that makes their life easier. They can go to the workplace, they get given tasks to do, they don’t need to think them up, and then they can go and do what they’re told to do.

Whereas, someone who is creating something, they are creating something new, or someone who’s pioneering a new field. Think about Freud when he was pioneering psychoanalysis, and think of all the different people who pioneered their fields. And not just the pioneers but those who go out there and start something new, those who follow a non-traditional path, those people are the people who find this tremendous strength in confronting the unknown.

Now, why do they find strength in confronting the unknown? It’s partly because every time you need to go to the unknown you do need to fight off those dangers. You need to confront something that’s challenging. There’s always a challenge in going to the unknown. It’s not as easy as following that straight forward path.

The reason why people, I think, are drawn to the unknown is because if you can get past those challenges If you can get past all those obstacles that lay within the unknown that potentially could hurt you or things you have to work through to integrate yourself to become a better human to come out of that experience as a more whole person.

People are drawn to go through that transformative process because there’s treasure in the unknown. There’s treasure in the unknown. There’s a reward for confronting the demons, confronting the dragons in the unknown. There’s a reward for going into the unknown and exploring past what society said that you should look at. What society says is the traditional path. Because what happens is that people who travel to the unknown they then come back with the treasure. They come back with something special and they then transform the known world into something different.

And so that’s what traditionally has happened, that’s what’s happened with society, you always get a structure, the norm, and then that norm gets transformed by the people who are willing to take on the unknown and bring what they found back into the culture and integrate it in there. So these are the movers and shakers, these are the innovative people in our world, and these are creative people, and really creativity is like the ability to kind of handle the unknown and kind of embrace it. It’s like, creative people are on the front lines of the unknown and it’s because they have the capacity to handle the unknown and there’s a lot of risk in going towards the unknown, but creative people, it’s kind of like, if you picture someone riding the waves, you’re not sure what wave is going to come out of nowhere and it’s just going to smash you and hit you but these creative people they just ride with the waves of the unknown.

And look this is my poor attempt at drawing a treasure chest in the middle of the unknown. But that’s really what I had to say and I was thinking about how, you know, it does take a lot of courage to stand up and do something that is a little bit different but that courage comes from deep within you. And that might sound like some phony thing, like ‘oh, it sounds so phony and fake’, but it’s not. Where else is it going to come from? Where else do we get people who are brave enough to stand up against the status quo to transform the society?

And I want to balance this by saying, we don’t want everyone to be chaotic, we don’t want everyone to approach the unknown because there will then be too much instability in the process of transformation. You can’t just change overnight. You need to have people who are orderly, who have that order and maintain that order, and then people who are trying to transform things and you need that intermingling of the both of them.

And that’s what happens with our personalities, as individuals we have to be like this, but also as a society, we have to be like this. So if what I said is a bit abstract then you know that’s fine because I’m an abstract thinker and I made this video for other abstract thinkers because my channel is about creativity and helping creative people go out there and face that unknown.

It’s the mythological unknown territory. It’s like the craziness and randomness of the nature that we don’t understand and then we try to build our culture and hide and protect ourselves from nature but nature is ready there percolating to come up and change our culture.

I say all that to say, if you can identify in yourself that you’ve got a creative spirit then you’re going to have to get very comfortable being uncomfortable. You’re going to have to get used to dealing with the unknown and pursuing the unknown diligently. Going into the unknown and you’re kind of like a magician, or you’re kind of like a warrior, or you’re kind of like this traveler who is going into the unknown and trying to find something and bring it back.

That’s really important for people who don’t fit into the traditional mold that society has given us. So I think I’ll leave it there but I really encourage you guys if you guys want to learn more about some other ideas that I’ve written you can go to my blog at livingthewiselife.com I talk about creativity, personal development, relationships, and a little bit on business there. But I’ll be putting more of that in when I develop more in that area.

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