The Principles And Power Of Vision By Dr Myles Munroe

Having a vision for your life is paramount to your success. Individuals, corporations, organizations, and nations need a clear vision for the future.

A personal vision is the foundation of your success

If you are into personal development having a personal vision is the starting point, but many people resist the wisdom and power of pursuing a powerful vision of their own.

The book mentioned in the video is called The Principles And Power Of Vision By Dr Myles Munroe: Keys To Achieving Personal And Corporate Destiny. It covers topics such as, creating your own life vision, how to fulfill your vision, and it outlines 12 principles of vision that you can use in your personal life or for your business.

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Vision quotes from the book

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It takes courage to pursue your vision

The purpose of creating this video was to remind you that it takes a lot of courage and ambition to pursue your personal vision for your life. People will try to put your identity in a box, they’ll suggest that you pursue things that they suggest, but these people are usually full of fear and are threatened by your confidence and committed pursuit of your vision.

It scares people because it’s not common for people to pursue a vision for their life and when you share your vision with other people they can sometimes feel a burden to have a vision for themselves and resent you because of their lack of vision for the future.

Of course, not all people react this way, but it is mine and many other people’s experience. You ultimately want to find people who believe in your vision, not just passively accept it, but that support you, champion you along, and even partner with you so that you can fulfill your purpose according to your vision in mind.

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Video Transcript

How are you going? My name’s Jared Chan, I blog at and I make cool videos like this. I want to talk about vision, having a vision for your life.

Every time I talk about vision to people in real life with my friends and family and stuff they just flip out like no one wants to hear about vision.

It’s interesting, I’ve been reading this book it’s called the Principles And Power Of Vision and I was thinking about vision long before I read this book but this is a pretty cool book. It’s written by Myles Munroe he was a preacher, he’s dead now, but anyway I’m just going to read part of this section because he had some good points, he had some good books and some good speeches that he did.

It says here, “Don’t sacrifice your dreams because of a fear of conflict or disagreement. The reason some people may begin to hate you when you pursue your vision is that you are exposing their own lack of vision”.

It’s true. When you think about what you want to do in your life and you’re like ‘this is what I want to do, this is where I want to go’, and you say that to someone, they’re just like, ‘ahh, ahh’, they’re going to react. They want to put in their 2-cents, or they want to put that down, or they’ll actually ignore it because they can’t face putting it down because they can’t even face talking about it at all.

I think a lot of that is because when you talk about who you want to become it exposes that deficit within them. But they don’t realize that you have weaknesses too. You’re just bold enough to move forward in the direction of the vision that you have to achieve for your life. And I think that people need to grow some balls.

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