The Consequences Of Lying

This video explores the degeneration that results from lying. Depending on the situation, some consequences may become irreversible and have serious psychological implications. 

Telling the truth is not just some arbitrary virtue. Rather, it is something that impacts the very essence of our being. Truth telling ensures congruency in the psyche of the individual, maintains the order of society, and is in alignment with our very nature.

By Jared Chan

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Video Transcript

How are you going, guys? In this video, I want to talk about the consequences of lying and being a liar.

If you lie then whatever right? Just one little lie, whatever. But if you continue to lie you bring on and develop the character of a liar. You keep lying to this one, to this person, at work, at home. What happens is that you actually

What happens is that you actually start to lie to yourself because you lie so much you actually lie to yourself. That’s why I … You know, I’ve lied in the past many times I’d say but I wouldn’t say I really lie much at all, if at all. I just do not have that inkling to want to lie. I try my best to always tell the truth despite the consequences.

I try my best to always tell the truth despite the consequences. I try to tell the truth and that helps me to say, look, I’m going to have to tell the truth so I’m going to have to live in such a way where I don’t mind telling the truth. Do you get me?

So if I’m always going to tell the truth then I have to live in such a way where no matter what I do it doesn’t matter. You know? I’m going to be honest.

So you have to cultivate that to protect yourself. Otherwise, because I know people, they’ve lied to themselves their whole life. These are very close people that I know. And they start to believe their own lies. They become delusional.

They just start believing their own lie and what happens is you start this guilt factor in you and to cover up the guilt you just start to believe the lies and you submerge that guilt down. Imagine that your whole life you’re just carrying this deep seeded guilt that you’re not even conscious of anymore. Because it’s just weighing you down so much and it’s stressing out your whole unconscious mind and spurting out thoughts of pain and stuff into your conscious mind.

You don’t want that, you don’t want to live like that, you want to live free, you want to live stress-free. Tell the truth. Be honest. Those things help you to be stress-free. They help you to live a life where you can actually enjoy it.

Not only that but it actually helps everyone around you, because you are a truth teller, everyone around you is going to start acting in accordance with the truth. They are going to start acting in such a way that is honest. They are going to live with integrity around you because if they don’t they know that you’re going to expose them.

Now, if you are in a toxic environment that might be bad for your temporarily. Because you might get kicked out of where you are because they don’t like people who expose corruption in corrupt places.

But if you keep on keeping on. You eventually create an environment around yourself or be placed in an environment where people value honesty. Value being truthful and that really means you’re going to be in a great environment because everyone values the honest truth. Everyone values being up front with everyone.

And that’s what you want. See, people don’t think about it but the individual decisions of being a liar, if everyone was a liar, and they kept living their life, lying and lying and lying and lying, that’s what eventually leads to the corporation, organization, and governmental corruption.

What? You think all these organizations are just corrupt inherently? No. They’re corrupt because of people in them, individuals, are corrupt themselves. And the only way to make those places not corrupt is for the individual to not be a liar. For the individual to be honest and truthful and to speak their truth into the world.

And so, because if you don’t practice it if you don’t practice living an honest and truthful life, and you’re not living with integrity every day, then by the time you get into a position of power or something like that, you’re going to crumble. Or by the time someone presses you.

You know organizations are powerful. There are all these crazy legal teams. They’ve got more money than you. They can crush you. But if you are a person who lives with integrity you’re not going to get crushed because you’ve practiced your whole life for this. You’ve practiced your whole life and that’s how humanity is going to get better.

So it starts with the individual but it has massive consequences. So don’t just think you’re living in a vacuum. Don’t just think you’re an island by yourself. I know they’re cliche phrases but you’re not separate from the rest of us. If one person chooses, to be honest, that can change… who knows what it could change… but it’s powerful that’s what I do know.

If one person chooses, to be honest, that can change… who knows what it could change… but it’s powerful that’s what I do know.

So the consequences of being a liar are that you corrupt your own soul, you won’t even know half the time what you believe yourself because you’ve fragmented your own soul against itself. Because half of you know’s that you’re lying and the other half of you wants to be congruent with the lie. So that’s why you’ve got this fragmented soul or fragmented psychology in your mind.

Not only that, but it impacts society because you are introducing corruption in. One little bit at a time. I know it’s just small but over time it becomes massive. So it’s like interest, it just compounds and compounds.

And you don’t want that. The countries that are corrupt, they’re the poorest countries in the world. I’m not saying there is not corruption in the rich countries but the reason why they are poor is because no one wants to put their money there. People need trust and honesty for the economics to flow. People need to trust you for them to be able to trust you with their money.

Honesty, integrity, those things, are vital to our civilization. They’re vital to interpersonal one on one relationships. You’re not going to hang out with someone who isn’t honest and trustworthy, are you? No, you’re not.

You’re not going to hire someone who’s not honest and trustworthy and you’re not going to invest in a company who’s not honest and trustworthy. You want to be honest and trustworthy in everything you do and that helps you and gives you a tremendous strength.

You know, not many people are that trustworthy. You think people are nice but all of a sudden… mmmm… they’ve done something to you.

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