How To Stay Motivated And Take Back Control Of Your Time

Staying motivated has to do with time management. When you know how to take control of your time you know how to take control of your life and how to stay motivated to achieve your goals.


How to stay motivated using time management principles:


1. Stick to a schedule

A daily schedule helps you to take back control over your time as you must complete specific tasks for that day. You are also deliberately committing yourself to the focus and completion of the tasks on your schedule. This organization helps motivate you to complete tasks step by step instead of rushing around trying to gather your thoughts. When things are clearly understood in your own mind, you will feel more motivated to complete those clear cut tasks. It’s difficult to stay motivated while your mind is a mess, so get your daily tasks in order.

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2. Prepare for each day ahead of time

Nothing kills your motivation more than unnecessary obstacles. Make sure you prepare all the tools and items you need in order to complete your daily tasks and don’t give yourself room to make excuses.


3. Use a vision of pain and pleasure to stay motivated

Staying motivated is a balance of fearing the worst and wanting to actualize your higher self. A big part of your personal development is having a vision of what your life could become if you continue to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. This vision is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration and motivational fuel. Having a vision and goal-setting is how you take control of your life and take back control of your time as you always know what you are pursuing on a daily basis. Equally as powerful is a vision of pain and the worse possible life you could degenerate into living if you don’t learn how to stay motivated and complete your daily tasks in a timely manner. A motivational vision lets you know that time is of the essence.

By Jared Chan

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Video Transcript

So I’ve got this quote here for Jim Rohn. R.I.P Jim Rohn. He’s a personal development legend. He mentored Tony Robbins. He says, “Either you run the day or the day runs you”. And it’s so true, isn’t it? Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been running the day but last week I felt like, at the beginning of last week, I felt like the day was running me.

It’s like there’s not enough time and the day is just dominating me. All these different tasks I have to do. And you know what? I just froze up. I just froze up and I was like… I can’t… I’m not… and I didn’t do anything really. You know for a few hours there I was just paralyzed.

It’s not good. When you’re overwhelmed you don’t get anything done anyway. And I dealt with that, and how I dealt with that was Jim Rohn – take back control of my day.

And so what I did practically is I just started scheduling things in my list. But more than just scheduling it, because I’ve scheduled things in the past and then still not even done my schedule. But it’s good that the schedule is there. And a realistic schedule too. So I know how long it’s going to take to do each task.

But not only that, then I set myself up the day before. Making sure I go to bed on time. Making sure I’ve got the right food so I feel happy.

Then I thought about what this minute little task would mean for me in the future and how much I want to work towards that and how realistic is it that I can achieve my goal if I keep doing these tasks that I’ve set myself to do throughout the day and what would happen if I don’t do those little tasks. That motivates me! It motivates me to run my day.

What’s the point of running the day if there’s nothing to look forward to? And what’s the point of running the day if I don’t believe I can actually obtain what I’m looking forward to? And what’s the point of running my day if I can’t actually do the tasks that I’ve set myself to do within the day? Because then it’s unachievable and unrealistic.

So make things realistic. Make things achievable. Schedule those things within your list to do that day. Think about what those little things you’re going to do for today and how they’re going to impact your goals in the future and let that motivate you to start running your day instead of the day running you.

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