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In this video, I provide some insight into my social media marketing agency. I talk about what I went through in the client consultation and I go on to talk about developing content for social media by taking photos. If you’re interested follow me along my journey.

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Video Transcript

How are you going, guys? I’m just on Great Keppel Island at the moment. Shooting a whole lot of social media images for my client.

I just wanted to say I’m going to be releasing a series. Talking about, how to go about dealing with your client. Whether you’re a consultant in any field really. If you have any business with another business then I’m going to be talking about dealing with the client, consulting them. A little bit about the business that I run, I’m just starting out, so I thought if you follow my journey then you can kind of see the behind the scenes journey of someone who’s just starting out as opposed to someone who has already made it but they are kind of not relatable at that point.

So I’m here on Great Keppel Island and I’ve got in contact with my client. He allowed me to stay here for free while I take all the photos and the stuff that I needed for their social media. So I’ll be managing particularly their Facebook and their Instagram. And we’ll be doing some Facebook targeted ads for their accommodation. So hopefully I’ll be able to get people to book in for their accommodation. I really think I can, but I’ll be documenting my journey as we go.

So I’ve already obviously had the initial consultation with him. Gone over his Facebook account, Instagram account, with him. And now I’m on the island taking the raw footage. The shots that I’m going to be using as the Instagram and Facebook content.

And we’ve also discussed an e-mail campaign and a Facebook ads campaign and how much that’s going to cost per month for him. Yeah, so that’s just some little insight there and I’ve got to get back to taking photos before the sun goes down, well, I mean, before the sun gets up actually because it’s sunrise at the moment. Yeah, so I’m going to get back onto the beach and start snapping some of those photos.

One thing I’ll say is that I’m not actually a professional photographer or anything like that so it has been challenging to take those shots that you know look kind of nice with the lighting and everything. But I really don’t think it matters, if you can just get decent images then that’s okay. And that’s kind of more relatable for social media as well people don’t want completely macked up images that are so, that they look too professional that you can’t really relate to it. But at the same time, you don’t really want really bad images either. So it’s about finding that medium and trying to do what you can with your skill set and skill level.

So make sure you subscribe if you want to follow me as I set up my social media agency and it slowly grows. I’ll be going out to acquire new clients eventually. So just subscribe if you want to follow my journey. Check this out, at least I get to work on a beach, alright guys, cya later.


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