What Do I Do With My Life ~ A Simple Metaphor To Find Your Place

What do I do with my life? You might be asking. Well, in this video I outline a simple metaphor that may help you find your place in the world. Hopefully, it’ll give you just enough insight so that you can begin to think about the best pathway forward for your future.


How To Live As A Creative Person: Creative Values Of The Creative Mind

Creative people have to learn how to live out their values and in doing so realize that the majority of people will have different values to themselves. This poses a unique challenge to the creative person as they have to navigate through life while being constantly challenged by society for being and thinking differently.


How to grow from conflict and why it’s necessary

This video is about how to grow from conflict and why it’s necessary.

Conflict helps us grow psychologically and relationally. Our relationships grow when we are able to handle conflict as individuals and are better able to manage the relationships we have.