How To Live As A Creative Person: Creative Values Of The Creative Mind

Creative people have to learn how to live out their values and in doing so realize that the majority of people will have different values to themselves. This poses a unique challenge to the creative person as they have to navigate through life while being constantly challenged by society for being and thinking differently.

Creative people have to learn how to value their creativity. They can’t let their values and beliefs be dictated by what other people think they should be. People with creative minds need to ask themselves what their values in life actually are. Only then will they be able to find their place and live out their values in the workplace and truly live the creative life they’ve been longing to live.

True personal development starts by identifying your values beliefs and attitudes. This video is to encourage creative people to finally take that leap into their creative realm and start exercising their creative mind and creativity so they can contribute to the world and enjoy the fruits of a creative lifestyle. For creative people, this video is really about how to live your purpose and to ensure you are living your life and living your dreams and not someone else’s.

I hope you enjoy it and remember if you’re going to create a life you might as well create a life worth living.

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Video Transcript

Sup guys. So today I wanted to talk about living your values, because I’ve been thinking about this a little bit and thinking about life choices and how people make their choices in their life and how that impacts on what they do at work, what they do at home, how they kind of structure their life between work, home, education, hobbies, children, family, relationships. All those things are you know arranged in our lives, and we kind of form a hierarchy of what we deem important in our life. We have according to our values structured our lives accordingly.

And sometimes I feel that people get out of touch with their values, who they are as a person. How they function as a person and that type of self-awareness is something that we all need to have in our lives so we can structure our lives appropriately because you might not value having kids for example, but you found yourself now in a relationship and you’re pressured to have children. What does that relationship mean now? It’s something kind of very different to what you first thought it meant.

So, they’re the type of things I was really thinking about. I was thinking about my own life and how I really value creativity. And that means, that’s just not just some weird arbitrary thing where I, you know, it’s like.. oh, I want a cafe latte or I want a cappuccino. It’s not a decision like that, it’s something that’s really a part of me. I value creativity because my brain is wired that way. I’m designed to be creative. I’m constantly coming up with ideas. I don’t want to they just come. I just go to the shop and then BOOM I look at a product and BOOM ideas come. I’m reading a book and all these ideas start flooding out that aren’t really related to the book, or they might be but it’s just a random flow of ideas and I don’t have much control over that. That’s just who I am.

And I was thinking, I’m using myself as an example to show you about values. So you know I’ve studied accounting and I’ve worked as a tax accountant and I didn’t like it. It was really boring to me. And you might think ‘oh, well you didn’t like it. Why not?’ and the answer to that is, I don’t know! I didn’t choose to not like it. But in retrospect, I realized that my values are very different. I value creativity. I value thinking about ideas, new and novel ideas. And that’s the way my brain is actually, is! You know.

But what I’ll say is, is that there’s other people who were in that accounting environment that I saw who valued things differently to me. And that environment worked really well for them because they were more, kind of, orderly, structured, their thoughts were linear – from one thing to the next. Whereas my thoughts were everywhere. I’m thinking, when I’m doing someone’s tax return I’m thinking, ‘why are they in that job, what are they doing?’ and that’s not what you’re mean to be thinking about when you’re doing someone’s tax return.

The whole thing about values is it’s deeply connected to who you are as a person, how your mind works. And now that I’ve studied a little bit of psychology I understand… I can’t remember the exact terminology… but it was something like… creative people are higher in what’s called Openness. Which is one of the factors of the personality model called the Big Five. And they found a link between a certain region of the brain that was bigger that linked to Openness and linked to Creativity. So when I say I’m creative and that I value creativity, my brain really is different to those other people who are in that accounting firm.

So, you know. Really I have no choice but to be who I am. And when I’m thinking about values and I’m thinking about… This is the phrase… ‘Wisdom over money’. A lot of people pick something just because they either, thinking it will give them a lot of money, or someone has said it is a good thing to do and they want that recognition from it. They want to be important. They want that title. And you know, I think that ruins lives. How many families do you know where they forced their children to be a doctor or a lawyer, or something like that, and they were unhappy about it and they want to kill themselves. Suicide rates are going up dramatically and it’s because people have chosen money over wisdom. There is nothing wrong with money, you need it. You need a baseline of money. You need it to be able to function in society and you need those things. But when people don’t think about who they are, they don’t think about their values. From my opinion, [they] can be rooted and based in how you’re designed as a person.

Like I said, you know, I value creativity highly. It’s probably one of my highest values that I have next to… probably… valuing passion, being passionate about ideas and different things like that. So, I need to structure my life according to my values. I value creativity but I understand that most of society doesn’t. So that means… hey!… I’m going to have a difficult time. I am. I’m going to have a really difficult time because I value creativity. Thinking of new and novel ideas. I value passion, being passionate about ideas and getting deep into ideas. I value a great understanding of myself. So that requires a lot of alone time. Processing time. And I believe that is one of my greatest gifts. I can understand myself so well that I know now… especially now that I am older… I’m 26 now. I know who I am and what is good for me. What environment is good for me and that’s what I’m talking about. Most people, I don’t think, have processed the understanding of who they are into their decision making when they’re choosing their job, when they’re choosing their partner, when they’re choosing where to go in their life. And that’s something that’s sorely lacking. It’s wisdom. It’s wisdom that is lacking.

So… Wisdom over money. And so when you structure you life. When you think about the things you want to do. You have to think about who you really are as a person. And you might think oh that’s just bullshit! Well… I’ll tell you it’s not bullshit because if I stuck out in accounting, I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be able to perform as well as those other people. No matter how hard I worked I wouldn’t be able to do what those other people do because my brain is actually different. You know… and it’s the same… I’m using myself as an example… but you have to think about who you are. You have to think about, how you’re designed. What inclinations are you kind of predisposed towards? Are you conscientious… or are you a little bit more relaxed and loose but you’re more open to things. So you need to know exactly who you are and understand your hierarchy of values. And when you do that you know how to structure your life.

I see so many people… look… this is an example. My friend… he’s an accountant… and he’s having a horrible time. He can’t get promoted. He can’t really move out of the position he’s in and he’s stuck in it. He doesn’t like it very much. And the thing is… from an outside perspective… he doesn’t seem like that type of person that really can play that game that well. He seems more of a musician… more of that type. But he want’s the title of being an accountant. He wants that title and it’s comfortable because he’s already in it. So the thing is, is… hey! … If he looked at his values and thought… hey my values don’t really line up with this… he might be able to then see a better life for himself. But now he’s got anxiety, depression, it’s horrible really and from an outsider perspective, from talking to the dude, I feel like he really developed a lot of his anxiety and depression from the workplace. And that’s a sad thing and I don’t want to see other people go through that.

Whereas me, I know! I know! I will not go into those places that make me… that suppress who I am… that actually hold me back from functioning in a way that I’m meant to function… and you know… I just encourage you. Do a lot of inner work. Do a lot of inner work. Think about the values. The things that you value. Think about who you are as a person. And that will help you. Once you know who you are. You know how you function. Then you know where to put yourself to function best in life.

And … you know… like I said before with the creative thing. A lot of you people who are on here watching me if you’re watching me. Like I said, it’s not about me it’s about you. But I assume if you’re watching me that you’d be someone who’s probably creative, has a creative… you don’t have to be an artist or anything like that… but you might just have a creative way of thinking… and I’ll say to you… I’ll give you some advice. If that’s one of your highest values. If it’s in the top 3. Mine is. Creativity is in the top 3… one of the top 3 of my value hierarchy. If that’s in your top 3… you have to be prepared to have kickback from other people cuz they will not understand your values. They will not understand who you are. Cuz they have different values and that’s fine… there is nothing wrong with someone who has different values to you… but the thing is that you have to realize… their  values fit within the norm of society. But my values, some of them, don’t fit within the norm of society and that’s okay as well. I understand that. But that means that my life is going to be a lot more difficult because society at large doesn’t value the way I think, doesn’t value the things that I want to do, and the things that I’m pursuing. So I’m going to constantly come up against opposition that says, ‘look, you got to do this, you got to do that’ … and I’ve got to constantly remind myself, who am I? No. I’m not like that. I don’t value the same things. I need to be strong in who I am and continuously remind myself of what I’m going after and what I want to achieve in my life. I personally want to keep creating. I want to keep creating blog posts and keep creating videos. And if I’m able to get money from that I’ll be able to create a lot of other new things as well.

But as I said, I’d rather sacrifice a bit of money to do the things I love and enjoy. To do the things that align with who I am as a person. And that to me is extremely powerful. So I say all that to encourage you. If you’re out there and you want to be more creative. You’re going to have to realize that you’re values are different to other people’s values and you’re going to have to understand more about who you are so you can structure your life so you can start creating those things that you want to create.

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