What Do I Do With My Life ~ A Simple Metaphor To Find Your Place

What do I do with my life? You might be asking. Well, in this video I outline a simple metaphor that may help you find your place in the world. Hopefully, it’ll give you just enough insight so that you can begin to think about the best pathway forward for your future.

Of course, I can’t tell you what you should do with your life specifically. But the metaphor I provide will allow you to start to think about who you really are as a person and where you can flourish in life.

It’s up to you to do the thinking. Use the principles from the metaphor to guide you in thinking about the important components and decisions in your life. It might seem silly but seriously identify in yourself and in your life the things that I outline in the video.

You’ll realize that you are a certain type of person and once you can articulate who you are clearly enough, you’ll automatically know where your place in life really is. Only then can you start to take action and move towards your goals to fulfill your purpose.

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Video Transcript


WOOO! Hey, guys. What up?

So I was thinking about animals and I was thinking, what type of animal are you?

Now… I’m the type of animal that’s like a creative type of animal right. I love thinking about ideas. I love thinking about lots of different crazy shit.

That’s what type of animal I am. Now you might not be that animal. Whatever animal you are you got to recognize and you got to feed that animal what it likes to eat.

So I like to eat ideas, books, videos, philosophy, creativity, psychology, theology… whatever it is… all this crazy shit… I love to consume right. And that’s what I love to consume and eat and then what I like to spit out… what I like to do… my work… my purpose… my contribution to the world is… videos, written blog posts. You can go to livingthewiselife.com you can read my blog posts there and that’s the type of shit that I do as an animal. That’s what I do you know.

Gazelles they jump around, they eat grass, they run around, they have sex, they make more lovely gazelles. Lions they hunt, they jump, they feast, they fight, they do all awesome things you know.

But who are you? What animal are you? You know and you’ve got to realize what animal you are because you got to know what type of food you want to eat.

The thing is in our society you can get so removed from nature it’s like we’re all living in a zoo. You don’t want to live in a zoo, you want to live in your natural habitat. And you might be thinking this is some crazy shit. And yeah it is crazy but it’s a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for who you are and who we are as people and what the best environment is for the type of people we are.

And so the best environment for me is a place that’s open, creative, where I’m able to learn, able to explore new ideas, but you might need more structure… you might need… you know… whoever you are… I don’t know who I’m speaking to… I could be speaking to whoever. But you got to figure out what type of animal you are because that’s going to help you. That’s going to help you identify what you got to eat. It’s going to help you identify which environment you got to be in.

So that’s all I want to say today and like, comment, subscribe. Do whatever you got to do and I hope to see you in the next one. Peace.

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