Internal Happiness vs Material Success

Are you optimizing your life for internal happiness or material success? Of course, these things are not mutually exclusive but there does seem to be plenty of hard working people reporting a lack of internal happiness. 

So how can people work hard, achieve material wealth, have the car they want, get married, and still report to be unsatisfied with life? Most likely, the answer will reveal itself by looking at the way the person has optimized their life.

You see humans love heuristics and short-cuts to life, and focusing your life on one thing (e.g. purely earning money) has served as such a heuristic. Of course, this is done for good reason, as those who have enough financial wealth have secured the necessities of life such as shelter and food, they’ve also earned enough money to obtain some level of esteem and recognition, and are able to provide financially for their family. But there still seems to be something missing, self-actualization.

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Self-actualization requires more than a single-minded approach to life (i.e. purely engaging in the acquisition of wealth). It requires that you optimize your life for internal happiness or internal truth, whichever terms you’d like to use to represent your self-actualization.

Optimizing for internal happiness and self-actualization will be different for everyone as each person has their own nature to develop. Some may be billionaires, some may be local artists, some may be chefs, some may be family focused, the point is that each person has to optimize their life in alignment with their true psychological self.

But sadly, many have failed to do this as the pressures of society, cultural conditioning, and personal weaknesses have hindered us from clearly seeing our true potential and identity. This is especially evident in the working lives of many people, as many report dissatisfaction with their life, and most of their lives are spent at work, indicating that economic incentive has the potential to influence people to optimize their life for wealth instead of optimizing for a wealth of life.

By Jared Chan

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Video Transcript

Never having time to have a great vacation and have fun. Never structuring your days so you can have fun like this. Come out here. Come out to the beach. Sit in front of the sun. You know? Swim. Swim on a noodle.

You know? You want to swim on a noodle and come home and tell your friends ‘I swam on a noodle and I had a fantastic time’. You don’t want to come home to your friends and say look, ‘I spent all my day doing account, every little thing, every little excel spreadsheet I was doing’.

Look, that’s important. Work is really important, don’t get me wrong. But I’m saying, make sure you realize what you’re optimizing your life for. Are you optimizing your life for happiness?

Or are you optimizing your life for just money?

Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth right now, how are you optimizing your life? So, I optimize my life for inner happiness, it’s not just external. That’s the problem

So, I optimize my life for inner happiness, it’s not just external. That’s the problem, people think that they can externally make themselves happy. They think that they can get a job, they can get money, they can get a wife, or get a husband, and they can get married, and they’ll externally get all these things in line and then they’ll be happy.

That’s why a lot of marriages fail because they think just because the fact they externally got married that they really have a good marriage on the inside. No. You have to cultivate it. You have to work on yourself.

That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to remind you. You’ve got to work on yourself man. You’ve got to work deep on yourself. What does that mean? It means looking at who you are, looking at what actually makes you happy, what actually are the things that you enjoy doing, what are the things that actually are a part of who you are, what are the things that you have to work out in you? Are you too aggressive, are you too impatient, are there problems that you have? You need to sort them out.

You can’t pay for a dinner and pay for experiences to cover up the inner problems that you have as a person. You can’t pay for that. You have to go deal with yourself. So what I’m saying is don’t look external, look internal, look internal. Maximize for your internal life. Maximize your internal life. Don’t maximize your external life because that means nothing, it means nothing to have cars and boats.

Most these millionaires they’ve got boats, they could come out here. But they’re too busy, screwed up at work that they can’t even come out here. Look, there’s nothing wrong with all that, there’s nothing wrong with being a millionaire. Some millionaires have got it right, some billionaires have got it right. They figured it out. Lifestyle. They figured it out, lifestyle. Internal success. Internal success is what you need.

So look I just want to encourage you. Go and look at your life. Just do a quick little audit. What are the things that aren’t serving my internal life? What are the things that aren’t serving my internal goal? You know the things I really want in life. Be honest with yourself. That’s what you have to do. Be honest with yourself. That’s the number one advice I give anyone, is just be honest with yourself.

And that’s so hard for so many people because they’ve got something to prove. They want to be a tough guy. They want other people to think good of them. Nah, cut that off, be honest with yourself. Who cares what they think of you. Look at me man, look at me. I don’t care what people think. I’m on a beach screaming at a camera. People think I’m mental out here but do I care? No. Because I know what I’m saying is important. What I’m saying is important. It’s important for you, it’s important for me, it’s important for all of us.

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