Great Keppel Island Holiday Village – Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland Australia

One of my favorite Australian holiday locations is Great Keppel Island, located on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland, Australia. 

This video is not sponsored in any way and is just a Vlog of my experience at Great Keppel Island. In saying that I have stayed at the Great Keppel Island Holiday Village a few times now and have always enjoyed my experience there. It is a low-key place that has all the basics and allows you to focus on nature and the outdoor activities on the island.

In this video, I introduce you to where I stayed on the island at the holiday village and I show you clips of a few of the 17 beautiful beaches on the island. If you are willing to hike through the walking tracks you can often make it to one of the more private beaches and have the whole beach to yourself.

I hope you enjoy this video and if you are ever in Australia then make sure to make a trip to Great Keppel Island.

By Jared Chan


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