3 Secrets to Unlocking Your Potential

Unlocking our potential seems to be a secret as no one throughout school, university, working life, or at home seems to be interested in actually helping us become the best version of ourselves.

Your potential is hidden

No one looks at you and sees every part of who you are and everything that you are capable of becoming. Most people, in my experience, are too judgemental to be curious enough to understand the deeper parts of who you are. For this reason, they discount your potential, they look at your flaws instead of your strengths, they identify you with your failures instead of your successes.

Discover your potential

So in this video, I stand in direct contrast to everyone who has discounted your abilities. I breathe hope into your dreams again and my vision is to make you aware of how powerful you really are.

You are not just who you are at this point in time, but you are everything you could become, you have the opportunity to actualize the best parts of your personal nature.

You might just be a small seed but it’s up to you to cultivate your growth so that what’s in you produces an entire forest. As you work on yourself you’ll become more and more valuable to those around you.

Your personal development is of the highest importance, as the transformation of the world relies on the transformation of the individual.

By Jared Chan

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Video Transcript

So in this video, I’m going to cover 3 secrets to unlocking your potential.

So what is potential? Potential is everything you could become but haven’t actualized yet. Potential is the greatest parts of who you are that you want to discover and that you want to actualize in reality.

So a part of potential is understanding that there is more on the inside of you that needs to unfold into the world. And so potential isn’t outside of you,¬†potential is on the inside.

And I’ve got a nice little metaphor for you guys and that will start off the first secret to unlocking your potential and that metaphor is the metaphor of the seed.

Everything the seed needs is on the inside of it. Everything it needs to become what it is to become, the tree it needs to become, is already on the inside of it, and that’s the same as human beings. Everything that you need to maximize your potential is on the inside of you already and so that’s what this video is all about. 3 secrets to unlocking your potential.

And so the first secret is to hold on to your vision. To hold on to your vision. Again, using the seed metaphor, vision is when you not only see the seed, you not only see the tree, but you can see the whole forest. You can see the forest that this seed will become. You can see the potential of this one little seed.

That’s really what vision is. Vision is you being able to see your potential. Vision is a picture of your potential. Vision is a picture of your future. Vision is a picture of the greatest version of yourself. It’s who you really are inside and who you know you are inside but who you haven’t become yet. It’s what you know you are capable of doing in the future but it’s what you haven’t done yet.

So the first secret to unlocking your potential is to hold on to your vision of who you are and who you want to become. And that is the most powerful thing that will keep you motivated to pursue and to continue to become who you really are.

And so that’s the first thing, let’s go to the second secret to unlocking your potential. And the second secret is to plant yourself in the right environment. To plant yourself in the right environment.

So going back to the seed. The seed idea is that each type of seed needs a particular environment for it to flourish. Each seed thrives in a particular type of environment depending on which seed it is. So whoever you are you need to place yourself into the right environment so that you can actually grow and become who you really are. So you can unleash the potential that’s on the inside of you so you can actually become that tree, become that forest.

So when you think about it a seed is… a human is a lot like a seed in regards to… it needs to be in the right environment to become fully what it is… it needs to be in the right environment to unleash its potential. But the difference between the seed and the human is that the human can actually choose where they are able to plant themselves. The human, we, can choose our environment.

When we’re first born into this world we can’t choose our original environment, but now as adults, or teenagers, or even older people, we can still choose where our environment is. We can choose where we plant ourselves. So that is a major secret and a key to unlocking your full potential.

You need to choose the right environment, be around the right people, be in the right workspace, around the right things around you for you to flourish.

And the third secret to unlocking your potential is to give back to other people. And at first, you might think, ‘ohhh, he’s only saying that because it’s some moral thing’. And yes, part of it is moral, part of it is you give back to other people because that is the good thing to do, that’s the right thing to do. You know, you give back to others.

But in regards to it unlocking your potential, I want to say that, giving back to others isn’t just good for the person you’re giving to, it’s good for you, it unlocks a part of who you are that isn’t unlocked if you don’t give to other people.

So back to the seed metaphor, if you’re a seed and you become a tree, what do you do? You produce fruit. You produce something that’s valuable for those around you. And that process of producing fruit as a human means that you are able to produce something of value to give to someone else. And that is so important in unlocking your potential because you’re going to be able to create your life and create who you are into someone who’s so valuable that people want to come to you and eat your fruit. They want the value that you can give them. And so giving back to other people teaches you, and helps you, and hones your skills to unleash the potential you have.

And so they’re the 3 secrets that I have for unlocking your potential. Let me know what you guys think about these 3 secrets, let me know if you guys implement these secrets already.

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