Reclaim the power of creativity for our culture

Who has time to be creative anymore? Your boss doesn’t care that you’ve developed a psychological theory that would improve relationships or that you’ve written a book that can change people’s lives.

Value Creativity

Society has successfully brutalised creative thinking to such an extent that no one seems to know what being creative really is anymore. People often associate being creative with being able to draw or paint, and that certainly can be creative, but it’s a limiting definition.

Worse than that, this lack of understanding indicates that people don’t really value creativity in the true sense of the word. As a culture, it’s always important to reevaluate what we value. Do we value creativity or is it a waste of time?

There has been an over-emphasis on ‘work’

Over the years businesses have grown, work-life has advanced, and the average person has been stuck treading water at work as they progress through the life-cycle of modern culture.

With most jobs requiring no need for creative thinking, a part of the human soul has been lost to the corporate dominance of our lives. When an innovation is introduced by a creative thinker, it is usually from someone higher up in the corporate structure.

These innovations change businesses, and the impact shifts the average person in or out of a job that usually requires no creative thinking of their own. So there are a small amount of people who do the creative thinking and control a large amount of people who don’t engage in or practice thinking creatively at all.

The lack of creative and original thought in our society in large part is due to the structure of our working lives as well as our economic and social pressures. This has not only suppressed the need we all have for the nurturing of our own creative spirit, but it has completely sucked out the creative spirit from most people and tortured those who still dare to hold onto their ancient creative urges.

As it stands today, the masses align their values and view of life with what is dictated to them by corporations. Just as the only right answer came from the school teacher, the only way to see the world is through job performance, corporate growth, and productivity.

This same attitude has trickled down into the personal lives of all who remain in servitude to an institution. Institutions, by default, are designed to scale, and therefore, they eradicate creativity by creating ‘copy and paste’ roles, that could be performed by anyone who is trained for the position, including robots.

How you spend your time and the tasks you do are prescribed to you. You are not allowed to introduce your own ideas into a business if you are an employee, even if you have superior knowledge and ability compared to your managers.

Think about that.

For the vast majority of people, the workplace has been an environment where creative thinking has been discouraged.


Workplace brainwashing has shifted how we value creativity in our personal lives

Sadly, this process has had such an impact on the minds of workers that they think their entire life has to be like that, and not only their life but they believe everyone’s life has to be like that.

This is why, when a creative person tells someone that they are pursuing a creative endeavour or completing a creative project (of any kind – not just artistic), they are met with automatic resistance.

The masses have become so conditioned to live and think inside a box that they can’t see that their box was created by somebody outside of the box – a creative thinker.

Most people are boring because they insist, by their thoughts and actions, that everybody else be the same as them. There are also people who claim they are creative and insist that everyone else adopt their creative style, which is just another cookie-cutter attitude dressed in bad pants. These people claim to be creative but want everyone to wear the same pants as if it was a uniform from the workplace.

I think you understand what I am getting at here but let me be clear. I don’t care if you wear different pants to me. I encourage you to be your own creative self and put on your own pants. Don’t let someone else zip up your pants for you unless those are the pants you really wanted to wear.

The worship of productivity within a box has become the major religion of family, friends, co-workers, and society’s leaders, and so much so that when you mention that you’ve converted to creativity, they paint you as the devil.

There is a general breakdown in communication and a rising intolerance towards creative ideas, especially in their infancy. The ‘monkey see monkey do’ mentality leaves no room for the cultivation or celebration of grass roots creativity. Monkeys only seem to be interested in a creativity tree once they can get lots of yellow bananas from it. This means that our culture is full of people who value money more than the quality of life that creative pursuits provide us with.

There are minorities that are protected from persecution, but unfortunately, creative people are not considered as a group of people, yet they suffer much abuse from close minded, institution worshiping, culture slaves that are too unintelligent to grasp creative and abstract thoughts.


Is creativity a waste of time? It depends if you value creativity

If you value the freedom to create, the opportunity to feed your curiosity, the fiery energy that comes from thinking of something new, and independence from failing traditions, then you most definitely value the power of creativity. You don’t perceive it to be a time waster as you see creativity as a transformational power that enables you to produce original solutions that change the world.

But if you value stability and security, the comfortability of rigid predictability, the reliability of tested tradition, and the tangibility of the present, then you are likely to not value creativity as much.

It’s important to have a healthy balance between both sides of the spectrum as there is a core element in both ways of thinking that is a fundamental need within all of us. Having a balance also empowers you to understand more than you could by adopting just one way of thinking.

There are some negatives to only looking at life through the ‘creative’ perspective, but in this post, I’d like to focus on the big problem with the ‘rigid’ perspective, as rigidity is often short sighted.

Rigid people are wilfully blind to the forces of change that the future will bring upon the stability of the world. These people rest their hope in tradition and the stability of present conditions. But change is one of the greatest monsters that humanity has to deal with, and without creative thinkers, the chaos monster will wreak havoc on the established order.

The Chaos Monster is the unknown that brings unpredictable change and challenges to our lives. The Chaos Monster lives outside of our knowledge and our creativity is all we have to strategically position ourselves in such a way that we won’t be completely wiped out by the unknown chaos of the future.


We must value creativity again

I propose that we start to value creativity and creative thinking in our culture again. Not only for our wellbeing and enjoyment but for our survival and long-term stability.

When the creative mind is utilised correctly it is a great power that enriches our lives, alleviates suffering, and produces a future that’s worth living in.

Question: Have you ever come across resistance to your creative nature or thoughts, how did you deal with it? I’m sure others would like to know. I certainly would. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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