5 golden elements of a success mindset

Do you have a success mindset? In this post, I outline 5 golden elements of a success mindset and how these elements rewire your mind towards success and achievement.

Success mindset

Whatever your definition of success, these principles will empower you to develop the mindset necessary for you to achieve that success.


5 golden elements of a success mindset


1. Clarity of a definite purpose

In order to focus all the power of your mind towards achieving success, you must have laser-like clarity of your definite purpose. After all, how can you aim at success if you don’t know what success looks like for you personally?

You must be able to clearly define the purpose for your actions, the definitive end of all your efforts, the reason for your striving, the focus of all of your energy.

Once you have clarity of your definite purpose your mind will begin to pick up on information and opportunities to assist you in fulfilling your definite purpose. This is because you have focused your attention in one direction, thereby allowing your subconscious mind to aid you in your pursuits.

You’ve probably already seen this principle demonstrated in your own life when you or someone you know has been shopping for a particular item and you begin to notice that item more often because your subconscious mind knows that that’s what you’ve been looking for. In these moments you don’t have to be consciously looking for the item for it to jump out at you. Rather, your attention is drawn to the item during moments where you usually wouldn’t have noticed it.

This is because you’ve made this item an important part of your personal narrative and your mind is now looking to fulfill that narrative.

Sometimes we forget that our subjective experience is in the form of a narrative. We each have a personal story of our past, present, and future and our interaction with the world around us is always in reference to our personal story or narrative. Therefore, when we have a definite purpose we have an end to which our life narrative can flow towards.

Having a definite purpose will strengthen your psychological narrative, and in turn, it will strengthen you as a person as you become congruent in both action and thought.

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2. Passion, enthusiasm, and kindling the fire within

Those who possess a success mindset are driven to achieve through their passion and enthusiasm. They exhibit this raw passionate vigor towards their ambitions and have the ability to set the minds of other people on fire for their causes (they are inspirational motivators).

Although like most people, the fiery passion diminishes along its natural course. This is why passionate people have learned to kindle the fire within. They have rewired their mind to be able to focus on their objectives in a fresh way, with a new perspective, that rekindles that fiery passionate pursuit once again.

This would include taking some time to refocus and gain a better perspective of what you are doing. This means tapping into your ‘why’ at an emotional level and rekindling that raw intrinsic motivation to move forward with enthusiasm.

Once these people get going they are virtually unstoppable. It is very hard to stop someone who is consistently enthusiastic in their pursuit of success (whatever success means to them). They are just full of an enduring positive energy that never gives up and that actually enjoys the journey. Their ‘why’ is so strong that it is fueling their fire.


3. Proximity and positioning

Those who possess a success mindset think strategically about their proximity and positioning within their field of influence. They strategically ensure that they are able to place themselves in the proximity of those people that are going to empower their influence.

This might mean you make sure to join that mastermind group of influencers in your industry, or you conduct yourself in such a way in your profession or in your business that you open up opportunities to connect with specific people.

No matter the particulars, you are looking to strategically position yourself in the proximity of those who are important to your mission and that open up special opportunities for you. This is not done for the purpose of status seeking, rather, it is done in order to create the opportunities necessary to maximize your potential and fulfill your mission in life.


4. Go the extra mile

Those who have a success mindset have rewired their mind to be intrinsically motivated about doing far more than what is externally required of them. While most people actively try to get away with doing the bare minimum, those with a success mindset always go above and beyond their call of duty – they go the extra mile.

In order to go the extra mile, you have to develop the habit of pushing on and continuing to do more than expected. Each time you do this you are creating an advantage for yourself that accumulates over time and differentiates you from everybody around you. You become an outlier, someone who stands far above the herd, and someone who is able to achieve and model greatness.

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5. Unwavering faith and expectation of the realization of your goal

In one sense those with a success mindset are a little crazy. They have a strong belief in their own abilities and aren’t afraid to take risks. These people trust that what they are seeking after will be realized.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what faith is other than to say it is a strong confidence that empowers you to be persistent in the pursuit of your dreams. You are also exercising faith at the point where you are willing to step out to do something where you are not sure of the outcome, but you just have this strong feeling, an intuition, that assures you that you will make it.

This kind of faith, expectation, and persistence is necessary for overcoming fear and unexpected outcomes. When people are hit with something unexpected their commitment towards their goal is tested and the true level of their faith is revealed.

Only those who trust that they will overcome setbacks will persist long enough to have their faith meet their expectations.

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