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If you’re like most of my friends here, you’re creative and passionate about your ideas. You are committed to creating a life where you can be yourself and fulfill your creative potential. You strive to learn as much as you can and you want your creative and entrepreneurial projects to succeed. You want to make a difference in the world by manifesting your creative ideas.


But unfortunately, many creative and entrepreneurial people come up against massive obstacles as they try to establish their original vision of who they want to be. Being different and misunderstood, creative thinkers can find it tough to navigate through life’s challenges and come out on top.

Now be honest, have you ever felt like this?

  • You want freedom to create and implement your own ideas, but you are forced to go to university or work in a system that frustrates you because you can’t truly be who you really are – You feel trapped
  • Other people judge you for being creative and often misunderstand the way you think about things – You feel like people have put you in a box
  • You have trouble focusing on the things you love because your time is spent doing mandatory boring tasks that have sucked away your creativity and joy for life – You feel you could be doing a lot more
  • You are starting to lose hope because deep down inside you know you are a good person and that you have a lot to offer but no one has understood or recognized the greatness of who you are inside – You feel underestimated and unappreciated

If so, you’re not alone. I know many creative minded and intelligent people who have felt this way.

I Know How You Feel

I know what it feels like to have a vision of what you want to accomplish and create – only to realize that life has a way of resisting your every effort to succeed. Sometimes you feel confused, discouraged, or hopeless, wondering if you’ll ever be able to live the life you once thought you’d have.

I too have felt exactly how you feel right now. I was frustrated, and often let the disappointment of my failures and mistakes get to me.

As the author of Living the wise life, and a creative thinker devoted to personal development, I have faced the difficulty that is inherent in creating my own path. But I’ve also realized that the answer isn’t to resent the circumstances you start with. The answer is to get focused and use what you have to your advantage.

If you are anything like me, that means taking some time to understand who you really are, so when it comes to deciding what you want to do, you’ll choose the option that allows you to flourish. It means identifying your unique power and learning as much as you can to create a life that allows you to unleash all that you have to contribute to the world.

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My Vision for This Blog

My vision is to create the highest quality resources to help creative and intelligent minded people focus their ambitions and create a life that aligns with who they truly are inside. I help people to live the wise life.

Not just a good life, not just a life of superficial success, and none of this fake competitiveness that you see with people who think they are developing themselves.

Instead, I’m talking about an honest and genuine life that is founded on creative thinking, wisdom, and great moral and intellectual power. A life where you can effectively execute creative projects with passion and help other people through your gifts to better the world.

Living the wise life includes (but is not limited to):

  • A deep satisfaction in the completion of day to day tasks
  • The ability to structure your optimal living and working environments
  • A great love for other people and their success
  • Demonstrating the highest levels of competence and understanding
  • A deep understanding and appreciation of how other people think
  • A great synthesis of ideas from multiple fields such as psychology, philosophy, and business
  • Personal development strategies to improve your memory, focus, and impact as you execute your plans
  • A powerful vision that sustains your passion and keeps you growing
  • High moral character and respect for other people
  • More, much more!!!

My vision is to help you on your way to possessing all these things, plus more, so you will be on your path and living the wise life.

Foundational Posts

If you want to know more about the philosophy of Living the wise life then you can go to my About page. Otherwise, the following are some foundational posts that will get you started. Start with whatever category interests you the most.


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