The way to transform the world is to transform yourself. - Jared Chan


The way to transform the world is to transform yourself. – Jared Chan

This is more than just a happy sentence… It’s a completely different way of looking at the world. When we typically think of wanting change we think of it as something that has to happen externally.

‘If only something would happen’, ‘if only those people would change’… We externalize the process of change. We reflect our fractured soul and all its evils onto other people and the external world. We try to manipulate our environment and the world around us to achieve the change we desire… But in the process, we corrupt our own soul.

I firmly believe that true change comes from within. There are things within you that must die so that you can become alive again… So that you can become the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to confront the evil and the fragmentation inside of yourself so that you can become whole and remain good. When the deepest parts of who you are get transformed, change is inevitable.

The world will respond to the authority that comes from your inner transformation. Others will be touched and transform also. The way to transform the world is to transform yourself. Let’s not pretend that we can force change on others, and instead, let’s take on the responsibility we have to change ourselves.

You’ll become the most powerful person you can be because you’ll have allowed truth to guide you and refine you into a person who is incorruptible. You’ll never bend your knee to corruption because you’ll never be able to act contrary to your inner-self, who is transformed, tried and tested, committed to good, and prepared to war against injustice and evil.

The key to our world’s problems is inner-transformation.

By Jared Chan

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