When I think of one thing I think of five things. When I think of five things I think of one thing. - Jared Chan


When I think of one thing I think of five things. When I think of five things I think of one thing. – Jared Chan

It’s called rapid ideation and insight. Creative people can use one idea to come up with multiple ideas rapidly. They have a unique ability to generate ideas and make associations between ideas at a fast pace.

There is also another creative function, where multiple ideas are merged together subconsciously and produce an insight. This insight describes the pattern recognized in seemingly unrelated ideas or objects. Where everyone else couldn’t see the connection, the person with the insight could.

These are powerful cognitive abilities that are often undervalued and unrecognized throughout our society, until those who possess them begin to cultivate their creative abilities in a direction that allows them to showcase what they are capable of doing.

These creative thinkers are then able to contribute to the innovation and progress of our society because they have the capability to discover things that are valuable to humanity.

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You can clearly see this in science, technology, philosophy, religion, and the arts for example. Where you have creative thinkers who integrate large amounts of complex knowledge and understanding from multiple fields in order to produce innovative solutions for our future.

These are the types of people and the kinds of endeavors that our culture should be paying more attention to. Sometimes these innovations are economically beneficial and as a result, are often praised and acknowledged for their economic utility. Other innovations, equally beneficial to humanity, are not as economically involved and are often overlooked, underreported, and misunderstood by mainstream culture.

When we only value creative thinking for its economic utility we miss out on all the benefits that such thinking is able to contribute to humanity and to our future. We must re-evaluate our understanding of the function of creative thinkers in our world and begin to see the power that they have to benefit us all.

By Jared Chan

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