I embody ideas far greater than myself. - Jared Chan


I embody ideas far greater than myself. – Jared Chan

So many people are driven by their ego and don’t even have enough self-awareness to know that they are ego driven. They think they know everything and worse they think they are as great as the ideas they’ve heard of. Yet they remain unaware as to how those ideas are actually greater than themselves.

They think just because they can use a computer that they are just as great as the person that created the computer. They think just because they can Google what some philosopher said, that they actually understand the depths of such philosophies. They think that just because they may know more than someone else in one area of specialization that they know more than everyone else in every area.

They blindly reduce the complexity and enormity of the world down to their short-sighted, dominance driven, view of the world. They do this to protect their ego and claim their intellectual territory so that they can try to make themselves look better than other people.

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But in reality, they are just a slave to their own animalistic ego and are yet to transition towards an authentic life where they actually care about other people and are willing to look like a fool for truth. And in order to get to such a place within yourself, you have to be willing to accept the vast amount of complexity that we don’t understand.

We also need to respect the ideas passed down to us, as they live beyond generations, and we should respect how powerful ideas are instead of thinking that we are powerful because of our ideas. In the spirit of Carl Jung always remember that you don’t have ideas, ideas have you.

By Jared Chan

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