The course of true love never did run smooth. - William Shakespeare


The course of true love never did run smooth. – William Shakespeare

Life seems to always come with a serving of the good and possibly two servings of the bad. We romanticize about our lives but then reality hits. Something goes wrong, an argument erupts, the economy changes, someone bullies you, or you injure yourself down some stairs. Those two servings of the bad announce their existence by disrupting our dreams and squelching our love. 


A hardened heart leaves a bad taste in your mouth

I’m under the impression that a person’s character is determined by how they handle the bad things that they are faced with during their life. I’m under this impression because everyone I come across who has a hardened heart has a bad taste in their mouth. They’re angry, bitter, and resentful of the things they’ve been through in their past. Their love for other people has withered and their quality of life along with it. The life they once loved now floats off in the distance.


A positive attitude cleanses the soul

But what about those who are eating their two servings of the bad in life and still seem to have nice smelling breath? So nice in fact that people assume all they are eating is the good of life. These people with positive attitudes are doing what is right and brushing their teeth daily. It’s not that they aren’t going through bad times, it’s that they clean out all their emotional gunk on a consistent basis. They don’t leave issues festering, causing cavities in their life. They process their issues and move on to enjoy their serving of the good.


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Is it justifiable to order a refund for a bad meal?

I use to eat out a lot until I decided to get myself into shape and feed my body health promoting foods. One of the last times I ate out my friend ordered a burrito bowl and on the first bite, it was evident that the meat tasted old.

Not able to muster the courage to go to the counter I took the food to the counter for my friend and asked for a refund. The lady at the counter blamed me and said that I could have asked for a new bowl of food. I didn’t want a new one because I believed all their meat in the kitchen was compromised. I didn’t say that but I just calmly said that I wanted a refund. She was very resistant towards giving me a refund but she eventually handed over the cash.

I felt a sense of justice because I knew they shouldn’t be serving old food, I was happy they gave me the refund, but I was a little taken back by how resistant the lady was about giving me the refund. My intuition tells me she didn’t want to deal with anything ‘negative’ but in the process of trying to cover up the ‘negativity’ didn’t realize that she was being rude to me and increasing the injustice already served at this restaurant.

What made this experience so bad was not the bad taste in my friend’s mouth from their first bite of food, rather, it was the bad taste left in both of our mouths from the bad attitude of the lady at the counter. When something bad happens attitude determines the outcome.


Life is like love – It never runs smoothly

In the beginning stages of love there is so much excitement and anticipation but as the years go on and the arguments take their toll, and the attraction fades, and the troubles have accumulated, the burden of love seems too heavy.

But when life gets so heavy that you want a refund you’ll finally realize that in life there are no returns. That’s why you have to take what you are given in life and run with it no matter how smoothly it seems to go.

This means that Life is a sacrifice of love that demands the acceptance of suffering. Your hardened heart might be justifiable but that doesn’t mean it’s the right attitude to have.

By Jared Chan


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