Mistakes are inevitable but failure is only inevitable if you give up. – Jared Chan


Mistakes are inevitable but failure is only inevitable if you give up. – Jared Chan

Have you ever heard of the concept that someone will die trying? The reality is that we all will die trying at some point in time and it’s at that moment that we are cut off from pursuing our hopes, ambitions, and dreams. 


Unconscious Goal Orientated Behaviour

You see, as long as you are alive, you are never without a goal or reference point that you are moving towards. You might not be conscious of your goals but with consciousness comes an inherent schema of goal-oriented behavior, at least the consciousness we currently experience does.

For example, when you look at a cup and you are thirsty you will see the cup as a tool to fulfill your goal of quenching your thirst as you know from experience that the cup can hold the water that you need to put in your mouth. This typically isn’t conscious, and your motor systems are primed as soon as you see the cup to pick it up without you thinking about it.

What this means is that you are wired to fulfill processes in pursuit of goals and our perception, and as it follows, our behavior, is framed by such goals. Understanding this we could say that we are always pursuing something, hence everyone will die trying.


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Finding Inherent Equal Opportunity

We all know that each individual is born into different circumstances, impacted by both genetics and environmental factors. So in this respect, we can understand how opportunity is not equal, and even if it were equal in the beginning, the outcomes would not be equal as a result of differing levels of inherent capability, skill, intelligence, and performance.

But what if The Goal of Life (capitalized to distinguish it among other goals) was not to be top dog, but to live in such a way where you always maintain an attitude that never gives up on trying to do your best. Despite our circumstances, we all have an equal opportunity doing what we can with what we have and a lot of the time it’s just an attitude that makes the difference.

Reading the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl made me understand this concept with clarity. In the book, Frankl outlines his psychological observations of himself and other prisoners while in the concentration camps in World War II. He highlights how many prisoners abandoned their sense of individuality and humanity, while some maintained their morality and dignity despite being fully aware that they may always remain a prisoner.

These men never gave up on doing their best, they never abandoned who they were, and they kept persevering despite their circumstances.


Existential Enjoyment of the Journey

After all, you can’t control everything that happens in life. You can only control your attitude. If you don’t give up, you can never ever lose, because we all die trying and you’ll die the happiest of them all. In pursuit of your dreams.

By Jared Chan


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