If you still think that creativity is painting a picture then you don't understand the depths of the creative mind. - Jared Chan


If you still think that creativity is painting a picture then you don’t understand the depths of the creative mind. – Jared Chan

Creativity can certainly be expressed through painting a picture but creativity is not limited to artistic pursuits.

Creativity is a way of thinking that enables you to see things from multiple perspectives, imagine new and innovative ideas, and receive intuitive insight to solve problems or discover something of significance.

The reason I came up with the quote in the picture above is because of the shallowness of understanding that the majority of people hold in regards to what creativity means. If our culture only sees creativity as a childish activity that should be reserved for our private time outside of work then business, education, government, science, technology, and other areas of human endeavor will lack the greatness of innovation and novelty that creative minds contribute to society.

For this reason, we must value and appreciate creative thinkers, whether they be artistic or non-artistic. Research has revealed that creative individuals have higher gray matter volume in certain regions of the brain that may be related to the ability to process novelty, integrate conceptual ideas, generate meaning, and understand metaphors. Although these are intangible abilities, they can have a massive impact on tangible outcomes.

The vision I have for the future is that highly creative thinkers, who possess incredible skills, will be like Plato’s philosopher-kings, who rule not only because of their wealth like businessmen do but because of their ability to use their innovative thoughts in order to progress our culture and civilization into the potential of the unknown. Wealth alone will not cut it, the creative mind is necessary for cultural transformation and the development of our society.

These creative-kings use culture as their canvas, as they add a dab of reformation to business practices, a touch of library chains across the world, a smidgen of technological advancements to our everyday lives, a shade of philosophical thought to the foundations of our society, a tinge of scientific breakthroughs, a glow of spiritual integrity, and a stroke of genius to crown our social and political world.

By Jared Chan

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