Listening isn't about your ears it's not even about paying attention it's about your perception. - Jared Chan


Listening isn’t about your ears, it’s not even about paying attention, it’s about your perception. That’s why most people aren’t good at listening because they can’t perceive reality correctly. – Jared Chan

You see this kind of thing in comment sections on the Internet all the time. Someone will read a comment and project their skewed perception onto what is written or said and come to some delusional conclusion about the meaning.

This happens even more so in regular conversation as verbal exchanges are usually faster than written exchanges and it seems as though information gets lost due to the inability of people’s listening skills. And it’s not merely ‘listening skills’, more accurately it’s the ability to understand and to perceive reality properly in the correct contextual environment.

This is a highly sophisticated ability that many people seem to lack as their social, mental, and even emotional capacity has not been fully developed and fine tuned to living out the truth. And because of this, they are warped in their understanding, skewed in their fundament perceptions and judgments, and quite frankly, they can’t see past their own bullshit.

This is why it’s important to seek wisdom and to seek understanding itself, and only then will you be able to accurately discern knowledge and information.

By Jared Chan


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