An honest frown is better than a fake smile

Pathetic people are the type to act nice while simultaneously trying to put you down. This post explores 3 reasons why you should never worry about these types of pathetic people again.



Why are there so many pathetic people?

There are too many pathetic people in this world. These pathetic people try to dress nice, climb the corporate ladder, arrange social outings, and post big smiley pictures of themselves and their partner on social media. Each photo they post is inadvertently saying ‘hey, we’re still together and we look happy – see!’ These are the type of people who seek status and put other people down.

Of course, it’s okay to dress nice, do well at work, and post nice photos… but I’m just giving you a profile of what these people are kind of like. I’m referring more to an attitude than to any particular action. I’m talking about pathetic people who are always in ‘competition mode’ and put down other people so that they can feel better about themselves.


What drives these pathetic people to be so pathetic?

1. They are deeply insecure

Pathetic people are deeply insecure and that is the real reason they seek to put other people down. They only want to affirm themselves and therefore can’t afford to affirm you in any way possible. They must put you down to feel good about themselves and their choices.

I’ve received multiple texts from so called ‘friends’ who are really pathetic people. A key way of noticing this type of pathetic put-down behaviour is by noticing the questions they ask. You’ll notice they aren’t really questions, they are actually statements of what they think about you.


Example A:


Actual statement (A)                               

‘Are you still going out with [girlfriend/boyfriend], or are you just friends?’


What they mean (A)

‘I already know you are not going out anymore. I am better than you because I am still going out with my [girlfriend/boyfriend]’ and ‘I knew there was something wrong with you, and that is why you fail because you are less than me’.


The insecurity I can see (A)

They are obviously very insecure about their own relationship and in an effort to justify that their relationship is going well they want to see the destruction of other people’s relationships. They want to know that there is something wrong with you so they can cover up what’s wrong with themselves.


Example B:


Actual statement (B)

‘Wow, you moved to [location]. How long are you going to be living there? Surely you’re not going to stay there for too long? There is nothing to do there is there?’


What they mean (B)

‘There is something wrong with you for choosing to live where you have moved’ and ‘you are going to have a bad time living where you are’.


The insecurity I can see (B)

They need to put down your decisions no matter if they are good or bad. They need to somehow prove that what you are doing is a bad decision so they can justify their own poor decision-making skills and failures. They are so insecure about their own circumstances that they cannot acknowledge that you are in a good circumstance or position.

Example C:


Actual statement (C)

‘How is that [creative/business project you told them about] going?’


What they mean (C)

‘You are stupid for doing that project, it won’t work, and I think you are less than me for trying to do that project’


The insecurity I can see (C)

They are scared that if your project works out then you will be a success. They are so insecure about the work that they are doing, and so dissatisfied with life, that they want you to fail in your ambitions and goals. They cling to their perception of security while they hope you fail at your risk taking. Why? Because they are too scared to take any risks at all.


Don’t worry be happy

You should never worry about pathetic people putting you down because they are just insecure people. It’s that simple.

There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just someone else’s insecurity spewing out all over the shop. Point it out and tell them to stop being pathetic or just ignore them and don’t give them the time of day.


2. They are incredibly ignorant

Besides being insecure they are incredibly ignorant people, so they don’t even understand what they are doing or saying. Most people who put other people down are unintelligent and can’t actually comprehend the very thing they are putting down. This can also be why they put something down because they don’t understand it.

If you think about example (B) from the 1st point, the person ignorantly judged the location I had moved to without knowing anything about it. They assumed there was nothing to do because they don’t have an exploratory nature or imaginative mind. The fact is there is HEAPS to do where I moved and that was part of why I moved there.

It has astounded me how ignorant people can be because of their judgemental opinions that are founded on literally nothing. But it doesn’t really astound me anymore. So don’t worry about pathetic people – they are just too ignorant and unintelligent to even understand you or your decisions.

Feel solace in the fact that their little pea brain can’t handle the enormity of who you are and what you are doing.


3. They are fallible and will die one day anyway

You might think this point is a bit harsh at first, but it’s actually a really good way to readjust our perspective on other people’s opinions.

There is no need to worry about this pathetic person’s opinion of you because they are just going to die anyway. Knowing that they will die means that they (and their opinions) will cease to exist and that their words are ultimately meaningless.

Of course, you will die too, but you will die with dignity knowing that you treated people with kindness and respect. People will also remember who you are and cherish those memories. But for those who were unkind, they will be wilfully forgotten.


Just remember this rhyme

They are deeply insecure

Because they want to be as good as you are

They say ignorant things

Because they act like know it all kings

But there’s no need to worry, why?

Because some day, maybe even tomorrow, they’ll die


Your Personal Development Journey

As you may have noticed, when you decide to better yourself through personal development, there will be people who try to put you down. A lot of the struggle in improving yourself will come from other people resisting you, judging you, and misunderstanding who you are.

I’ve written this post to help you realise that these people have no authority to say anything of value to you. Don’t let these people hurt you. Keep fighting the good fight. You will make it, no one’s opinion of you can stop you from becoming all that you are.

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