Rediscovering meaning and the sense of purpose in your life

I believe that deep inside you is a champion waiting to actualize. The greatest hindrance to realizing your inner champion is your adherence to limiting beliefs and the negative impact that those beliefs have on your mind and your choices.

Rediscovering meaning and the sense of purpose in your life

This is part 1 of a 5 part series that I’ll gradually be releasing throughout the coming weeks. The series focuses on becoming a stronger person through dismantling your limiting beliefs and laying hold of beliefs that empower you. Keep reading to begin the first post on rediscovering meaning and the sense of purpose in your life.

You can achieve a lot more than you have currently attained. You can continue to develop your inner world so that you can experience more peace and fulfillment. But limiting beliefs hold us back from these experiences because they cause us to feel disempowered, confused, dissatisfied, and they keep us from realizing our greatest potential.


Limiting belief 1: I am destined for nothing

(I have no purpose, I have no meaning in my life, or I am a failure)

Our culture seems to be dominated by the idea that we have no purpose or meaning in life. That all we do is hopeless and that we are ultimately destined for nothing at all. We are not special, we are just some insignificant speck in the universe and therefore we have nothing to look forward to – we don’t have a purpose for living.

This post-modern way of thinking undermines our ability to function optimally in the world – because there is no meaning to your actions, no motivation to make a difference. If you believe that you are destined for nothing then you are not going to be motivated to improve yourself or achieve anything of significance. This loss of potential is a tragedy.

People who believe they are destined for nothing at all have lost hope and have no faith in their own ability to make something of themselves. Their frames of reference stored up in their memory are full of examples of their own failure and disappointments that they have believed to be synonymous with their identity. At some point, something or someone has crushed their spirit and knocked out the belief that they had in themselves. If this has happened to you, it’s time to deal with it.

If you believe you are destined for nothing you need to realize that just because you’ve failed in the past, it doesn’t mean you won’t one day succeed. In fact, failure is necessary for success.

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Empowering belief 1: I am destined for greatness

(I have purpose, I have meaning, or I am a success)

Believing that you are destined for greatness leaves you with a completely different orientation towards the world. Contrary to most, those who believe that they are destined for greatness act in the world in such a way that allows them to take advantage of opportunities.

Instead of shrinking back from challenges you move towards them. You have confidence in your ability to handle and deal with issues. You know that you’ll come out stronger, everything you do empowers you, you move forward with the expectation of success. Setbacks are only temporary as you move towards the greatness you feel inside of your heart.

Before we move on I want you to say it to yourself: ‘I am destined for greatness’. If you say it and don’t feel like you believe it, then you’ve still got some emotions to deal with. On the other hand, if you say it and you can feel the emotional strength in your words, then you’ve aligned yourself with the belief correctly.

It can be a bit hard at first, so to encourage you I’ve compiled the following quotes:

Now, say it again, ‘I am destined for greatness’. If you feel it then you mean it.

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