Tell-all-sounds that help you sniff out a good relationship

You might be wondering, ‘how soon am I allowed to fart in a relationship?’, and it’s a humorous question, but I believe deep inside you are asking another question to yourself. ‘How soon am I allowed to be myself in a relationship?’


Think about it, if you are wondering how soon you should be allowed to fart in a relationship, then you’re probably holding a lot of gas inside. That’s not healthy, because ‘it’s better out than in’, right?

But you’ve been holding it in so much that you are too scared to let it all out in front of your partner (or potential partner) because then they’ll be able to smell your insides and you’ll end up feeling embarrassed.

But should you feel embarrassed about yourself? Let’s look at the deeper reason that you’ve come here. I believe you want to know about the social acceptance of farting in a relationship because at a deeper level you want to feel comfortable about yourself, you desire to be accepted by your partner, and you want to know at a deep and fundamental level, what the best kind of relationship is, and whether or not the best kind of relationship involves farting…. Or in other words, being yourself.

But the question still remains, how soon are you allowed to fart in a relationship?


Mature people allow other people to fart

Well, I believe when you first meet someone, if you truly have a real connection, then farting is looked upon as natural and normal. Allowing the other person to fart shows that you are comfortable enough to handle that type of smell and be mature about it.

Most people are immature when it comes to farting. They are insecure about their own farts so they put you down for being loud and proud. It’s simply social conditioning that stops immature people from allowing others to let their body function naturally. Farting is natural and mature people understand that.


Now it’s okay to fart, but there is a mature way of farting

Of course, farting is natural and we should all encourage others to fart if they need to, but the problem is that some people are ashamed of their deepest farts so they make it into a big drama and overemphasize the farting process.

These aren’t even natural farts, they are just conjured up farts, where people are ‘trying to be funny’. These are the type of people that walk past you and fart right in your breakfast, or even worse, right in your face!

Let me be very clear, it is perfectly fine to fart when you need to, but don’t grab someone and fart all over them if they aren’t wanting you to do that. There is a difference between being allowed to fart and thinking that everyone in the world has to be forced to sniff your bum hole 24 hours of the day!

Fart whenever you want, but be respectful, and don’t be rude to other people in how you fart. No more false farts please.


If there is no fart there is no relationship

Most people don’t understand that a fart illustrates the very essence of all relationships. We should allow people to fart because we know deep inside that we want to be allowed to fart ourselves.

Imagine if someone wouldn’t let you fart in front of them, but then you caught them farting in your kitchen, what type of friend would that be? Or even worse what type of partner?

We need to put up with other people smelling every now and again because we will require someone else to take the burden of smelling our own farts in return. We all appreciate when someone else gets a big whiff of our fart, and you know that it was pretty potent, but yet they respond with understanding and didn’t put you down. We know that the potency of that gas was hard to deal with, yet they understood the agreement.


The role I play in all of this is that I empower people to fart. My blog is like a laxative for my readers. So here are the three lessons you just learnt in summary:

  1. Mature people allow others to be their authentic selves and they aren’t insecure about it.
  1. It’s okay to be yourself, and you should always strive to be true to yourself, but this doesn’t mean you have to be overbearingly rude to other people. Most people who do this are just pretending to be something that they are not.
  1. When two people are their authentic selves they have to take on the burden that comes with accepting the other person, this includes partaking in their strengths and weaknesses. As long as you both understand that you each are in need of acceptance then you will both continue to understand why you need to accept each other.


One last fart

Farting is an interesting topic for relationships as it can be viewed as a metaphor for revealing your true self because many people hide their true selves just like they hold in a fart. I hope you enjoyed this metaphor and I am sure it will linger in your mind for some time to come.

Question: How smelly are your relationships? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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