Work with me one-on-one

If you think that you would benefit from one-on-one coaching then send your request to jared [at] and I’ll get back to you within 2 weeks. One-on-one sessions will be done over Skype in a private session.

Please outline what you think I would be able to assist you with (e.g. personal development, relationships, social media strategy, content strategy, etc.). Once we’ve clearly confirmed all expectations we will be able to discuss the price. I don’t provide a flat rate as each person’s needs are different and require a tailored approach.

Please keep in mind that I take one-on-one coaching seriously and I put a lot of effort in preparing and concluding our sessions. For this reason, I have to charge fairly high fees to compensate for my personal time. Also, if applicable, you have to be willing to put in effort to execute the plan we develop together. You are completely responsible for your success, I am just the coach that helps you identify your issue and assists you in developing a plan to move forward.

Please also take note that I am not a clinical psychologist and can’t professionally assist in mental health issues. I provide coaching services only.

I look forward to working with you and encouraging your potential.

Lots of love,