Fermented Soybeans – Plant Based Vitamin K2 from Natto

Fermented soybeans are a powerhouse of nutrition and are the highest source of the largely unknown vitamin k2. So you can get all your k2 from plant-based sources by eating natto, a traditional Japanese dish.  (more…)

Irenka Style Interview – Music & The Creative Journey

Very interesting creative journey as she travels from Belgium to Nashville in the U.S to pursue her career as an artist. She’s now touring all around the states. Check out my first creative interview with singer and songwriter Irenka Style… you won’t believe how many times I screw up this interview with my ‘umms’ but luckily Irenka was a fantastic interviewee!  (more…)

Carl Jung on the Archetypes from the Book Psychological Reflections

These are quotes by Carl Jung on the Archetypes of the collective unconscious. Read from the book Psychological Reflections which is an anthology of his writings from 1905 to 1961. (more…)

How To Be A Good Friend Part 2 (Inconsistency, Disrespect & Mind Games)

This is part 2 of How to be a good friend, and in this video, I talk about friendship issues surrounding inconsistency in behavior, being disrespectful, and playing mind games.  (more…)

Internal Happiness vs Material Success

Are you optimizing your life for internal happiness or material success? Of course, these things are not mutually exclusive but there does seem to be plenty of hard working people reporting a lack of internal happiness.  (more…)

The Truth About Following Your Dreams

The truth is that most people give up on their dreams. They’ve lost motivation, they don’t believe in their own personal development or self-improvement, and that’s because personal growth is hard work and life is already hard for most people.  (more…)

The Number 1 Thing You Can Do To Be Happy

When I was thinking about how to be happy I looked back into my own personal development and realized that to be happier in life I’d often turn to honesty as a way to increase my happiness long term. (more…)