Listening isn't about your ears it's not even about paying attention it's about your perception. - Jared Chan


Listening isn’t about your ears, it’s not even about paying attention, it’s about your perception. That’s why most people aren’t good at listening because they can’t perceive reality correctly. – Jared Chan

You see this kind of thing in comment sections on the Internet all the time. Someone will read a comment and project their skewed perception onto what is written or said and come to some delusional conclusion about the meaning. (more…)

Carl Jung on the Archetypes from the Book Psychological Reflections

These are quotes by Carl Jung on the Archetypes of the collective unconscious. Read from the book Psychological Reflections which is an anthology of his writings from 1905 to 1961. (more…)

Mistakes are inevitable but failure is only inevitable if you give up. – Jared Chan


Mistakes are inevitable but failure is only inevitable if you give up. – Jared Chan

Have you ever heard of the concept that someone will die trying? The reality is that we all will die trying at some point in time and it’s at that moment that we are cut off from pursuing our hopes, ambitions, and dreams.  (more…)

Internal Happiness vs Material Success

Are you optimizing your life for internal happiness or material success? Of course, these things are not mutually exclusive but there does seem to be plenty of hard working people reporting a lack of internal happiness.  (more…)

The Truth About Following Your Dreams

The truth is that most people give up on their dreams. They’ve lost motivation, they don’t believe in their own personal development or self-improvement, and that’s because personal growth is hard work and life is already hard for most people.  (more…)

The Number 1 Thing You Can Do To Be Happy

When I was thinking about how to be happy I looked back into my own personal development and realized that to be happier in life I’d often turn to honesty as a way to increase my happiness long term. (more…)

3 Secrets to Unlocking Your Potential

Unlocking our potential seems to be a secret as no one throughout school, university, working life, or at home seems to be interested in actually helping us become the best version of ourselves. (more…)

I embody ideas far greater than myself. - Jared Chan


I embody ideas far greater than myself. – Jared Chan

So many people are driven by their ego and don’t even have enough self-awareness to know that they are ego driven. They think they know everything and worse they think they are as great as the ideas they’ve heard of. Yet they remain unaware as to how those ideas are actually greater than themselves. (more…)