Do we work to live or live to work? - Jared Chan


I often think about life choices and how much of an impact those choices make in our lives. One of the biggest choices we all have to face is what we choose to do for work. This impacts our lives like no other choice because it consumes the majority of our time. In essence, it defines who we are as people and how we view the world and our own lives.

What I’ve noticed is that many people work to live. This means that they suffer through the long hours of tedious work just so they can have a little bit of life to themselves on the side.


Life is about making an impact, not making an income. - Kevin Kruse


When it comes to making decisions that influence who you become, it’s important to have your priorities in place. Unfortunately, too many people prioritize money over making a real change.

When people make their decisions based on money alone, they fail. They fail to see the bigger picture of life. They fail to satisfy the deepest parts of who they are. And they fail to understand the great value inherent in making an impact on the world. (more…)


8 principles to create the ideal working environment

Have you ever wondered how to create the ideal working environment? Are you a manager that wants to know what your team wants at work? Or are you an employee looking to find the right workplace? This post outlines 8 principles to create the ideal working environment so that you and your team can flourish.

How to create the ideal working environment

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, organisations need to be able to juggle competing virtues in order to create the ideal working environment. It can be a messy thing to figure out if you don’t have some guidance. That’s what this post is about, providing a quick snapshot to guide managers and workers in creating the ideal working environment.

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Learn emotional intelligence for optimal customer service

The Soup Nazi is one of my favourite episodes of the popular sitcom, Seinfeld. Business owners can seriously learn from ‘The Soup Nazi’ to boost their customer service. If you read this post you’ll be able to understand the critical mistakes businesses make and how to take your customer interactions to the next level.

For your educational reference, this is a short clip from The Soup Nazi episode:

I find this clip hilarious. But the not so funny thing is that many businesses still treat their customers very poorly. You’d think by now that most businesses would understand how to talk to people and deliver great customer service. Sadly, many businesses haven’t developed enough emotional intelligence, so they fail miserably.

On the other hand, there are some rare examples of great customer service. One example is my grandpa’s Chinese restaurant.

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Use every part of who you are to create a personal brand and business

Many people who want to create their own personal brand, blog, website, or online business tend to get stuck.

How to create an authentic personal brand

VIDEO at the bottom of this post

They haven’t started yet (or they’re in the beginning stages). They know they want to create something but they are not sure of how to come up with the right focus for their personal brand.

This is exactly why I created this blog post. This post will help you get unstuck and stimulate your brain to help you come up with a focused brand identity that you enjoy.

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