Unleash the power of your identity

There is something powerful about someone who is truly themselves. They don’t allow their identity to conform to who other people expect them to be. They are not some cheap copy of someone else. They don’t regurgitate the empty sayings that our vapid culture has produced. They embody their true authentic self.

Unleash your identity

Someone who is their authentic self is:

  • An original and independent thinker → can think for themselves
  • Someone who displays real empathy → is genuine in their interactions
  • Passionate about a cause → stands up for what is right
  • Comfortable with who they are → is not in competition with others

Authentic people express the truth that resonates from the inside of them and they act in accordance with their convictions. These are the type of people who change lives through their genuine and pure nature.

But unfortunately, the majority of  people that make up our culture have become deeply disingenuous.


Someone who is disingenuous is:

  • Unaware of who they have become → unable to get their genuine nature back
  • Manipulative and untrustworthy → tries to scheme for personal gain
  • Unoriginal and stale → unable to produce conversations of beauty and true depth
  • Insecure and flawed → scared to reveal their corrupted nature

The rise of disingenuous people has become so widespread that it is considered normal. Many of these people don’t even realise that they are leading a false life. They are completely unaware of who they have become. Their behaviour continues to be infected by their faulty subconscious.

It’s sad to acknowledge that most people have lost touch with who they truly are. They have developed corrupted subpersonalities through years of behavioural conditioning and cognitive degeneration. It’s hard to see how these people can become pure at heart and secure in their originality again. Some have reached the point of no return.


The challenge that authentic people have

Because of how widespread this disingenuous attitude has become, even genuine people are at risk of being corrupted and losing sight of themselves. Be wary of the influence that your culture can have on you.

You have to continue to be yourself – meaning you have to follow your deepest and truest identity – and act in accordance with who you truly are inside. Always align your exterior with what deeply resonates in your interior – this is called congruence.

Trust what is right on the inside of you and not what someone else thinks of you.

You can’t let bullying suppress the real you. I empathise with you if you are trying to be yourself because I know it is hard to live in a world that consistently undermines real people.

But don’t lose heart, because if you shut yourself off from the world, then these evil people will continue to erode our ability to be authentic. Don’t let them win through your omission. Stand up for yourself and for every other authentic person. And when it is appropriate, push back on those who seek to destroy you, and expose their facade.

Do it kindly with composure, but don’t let people put you down.



Another pitfall for authentic people is the build-up of hurt from all the drama that surrounds them. It’s sad when authentic people allow their hurt to change who they are (in a negative way). If this happens you may end up disingenuous yourself. Bitter, hateful, resentful, seeking to pleasure only yourself, and full of selfish ambitions. Only hurting others as you repeat what others have done to you.



Areas of your life where you may be challenged to conform and hide your authentic self:

The workplace

In general, corporations are structured to eliminate your personal identity. In exchange for money, they want you to take on their corporate identity. That’s why they talk about ‘corporate culture’ and they promote their own ‘values’.

Some managers and co-workers may not understand who you are, and as a consequence, they may ignorantly judge you. This is mostly because these people are judgemental but some of it has to do with the ‘dog eat dog’ culture prevalent in many companies.

Some corporations do better than others at encouraging their employees, identifying who people truly are, and allowing them to play to their natural strengths. The best kinds of workplaces are those that allow people to integrate their true identity into their work, making the role natural, and allowing people to flourish. This is the essence of the win/win solutions that companies too often overlook.

Educational institutions

Schools, universities, and other educational institutions teach from a set of established beliefs and predetermined curriculum. Teachers may also be ignorant and not realise the abilities you really have. These institutions can suppress your true potential and grade you on their faulty perception of you, or on their flawed curriculum, and not on your true abilities.

Don’t let some grade a teacher gave you define your intelligence. I believe you are more than they could ever comprehend. We need educational institutions that allow students to be authentic and original.

Your family

Family can put a lot of pressure on you to become someone you are not. How many times have you heard of parents wanting their children to study to be a doctor, lawyer, or some other profession that they have a bias for?

I’ve had that strange undertone from family members in the past who can only see a traditional full-time job as being the answer to all my ‘problems’. Yet they pay little attention to who I really am (suppressing my identity) and they don’t allow me to show them what I am really passionate about.

Sometimes family are too focused on making you ‘successful’, that they don’t realise that they are getting in the way of your success.



The difference between being disingenuous and holding back

Sometimes authentic people hold back so they don’t get into arguments or so they don’t have to defend themselves against someone who is disingenuous and judgemental. This is okay for select moments in time to ensure you can get through what you need to for a season.

But you don’t want to be in this position for long periods of time, because it will eat away at you, and it will suppress who you truly are in the long run. Look to see how you can structure your life in such a way where you have the authority to speak your mind, and where you have freedom to be yourself.

Challenge people if you can, and when you get into a position of power, use it for good and bring a genuine nature back into the systems that you oversee. You are not alone in your efforts to do good, and you won’t be forgotten for your contributions of authenticity.


Don’t doubt your authentic self

Insecure people (most people) don’t want you to be your true self because they are afraid that you will expose their false identity. They don’t want to show their true selves because they know inside that they are not a good person and they are jealous of you for shining your true light and will seek to put you down.

But I implore you to rise above the insults and continue on your path of authentic living, and continue to spread your light.

You will release a lot of captives, I am sure of it. You will impact people if you remain authentic, and you’ll change a lot more lives than you think. Continue in your integrity and always remember to be your true authentic self.


You are not an imposter. You are beautiful inside. You are allowed to be your authentic self.

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