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My name is Jared Chan and I am the author of Living the wise life.

This blog is about creativity, business, relationships, and personal development.

I am extremely passionate about helping creative people maximize their potential and create a life full of meaning and significance.

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The philosophy of this blog – Living the wise life

Living the wise life is about going deeper in your personal development. It is about taking the best of the best from all different kinds of fields and bringing it all together to help you succeed and create a life worth living.

Living the wise life is a quest for the best way to live – the ultimate personal development – that requires a commitment to constant, never ending, life long learning, and the ability to adjust your life as you continue to grow.

Living the wise life is not just one thing like ‘living smarter’ or something lame like that. Instead, it’s a way of understanding personal development that incorporates multiple disciplines.

Living the wise life is a synthesis of the best from psychology, philosophy, marketing, business, creative disciplines, wisdom traditions, practical personal development, and lots of other fields.

This type of disciplinary synthesis allows you to keep an open mind as you continue to learn how to create an effective life. You are then able to implement practical strategies that are informed on the highest level of insight and understanding.

I want you to know that I am well aware of the stereotypes that surround personal development. I want to let it be known that I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that I have a fiery passion to learn, grow, and teach what I’ve discovered.

Living the wise life is an ever-changing philosophy that continues to be expanded, and I hope that it empowers people to redesign their lives in accordance to who they truly are.

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Blogging Subjects

  • Personal development

    If you’re like me, personal development is a part of who you are. You want to maximize your potential and become the very best at what you do.Unfortunately, society at large is filled with many apathetic people who prefer to mock anyone who wants to make something of themselves. Don’t ever give up your dreams because of someone else’s doubt. I’m here to encourage you, inspire you, to keep your imagination ticking, and to keep your flame alive.
  • Creativity

    Creativity is not just about artistic pursuits, it’s a way of thinking, and it’s a way of life. Many creative people are misunderstood because they think quite differently to the norm and often come up against many challenges because they don’t fit the one size fits all structure that society has created for everyone. This means that many creative people have difficulty in their relationships as well as at work.That’s why it’s important to get around like-minded people who understand your creative potential and can help you foster your creative juices so you begin to unleash your creativity in a tangible way. My mission is to help you move forward in manifesting your creative projects and ideas, as well as helping you understand more about yourself so you can deal with people who don’t quite understand you!
  • Business

    The entrepreneurial spirit prefers to create and build its own projects and take calculated risks to succeed. They don’t play it safe and they’re not the type who goes to university to get a full-time job for the rest of their life so that they can buy a house to pay it off just before they get divorced and die.I bet if you are reading this far that you are similar to myself, you have a sense for adventure, you’re on a mission to create something new for yourself, and you’re filled with the entrepreneurial spirit that’s driven to succeed. Even if you are not primarily focused on money, you might be a creative type that wants your creative projects to succeed, and knowing about business can help you achieve your mission and release your creativity on the world.
  • Relationships

    Life can be summed up in the relationships that we develop and enjoy. But the stress and challenges of life have a way of putting pressure on our romantic relationships, friendships, and family.I’m an eternal student of people and relationships and I’m dedicated to sharing what I know and learning from others as we grow together. We can’t afford to develop unhealthy relationships, it’s fundamental to all of our lives, it’s vital to our success and happiness, and that’s why I’ve included a section on relationships on my blog.

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