When the average person gives advice the foundation from which they are giving such advice is to be questioned. -Jared Chan


When the average person gives advice the foundation from which they are giving such advice is to be questioned. – Jared Chan

Why trust the majority when most people are overweight, unsophisticated, immature, spiritually bankrupt, hyper-consumers, mean-spirited, socially weak, and lack direction and purpose? Aren’t these all signs of human degradation? Aren’t these signs of someone who you’d keep away from meddling in your affairs?  (more…)

Nerve damage from donating blood?

This video outlines my personal experience with donating blood and how I got nerve damage from donating blood. If you’ve ever had a prolonged pain in your arm from donating blood you could have developed nerve damage. At the same time, it is good to donate blood if you have high iron levels as you can lower your cancer risk. Leave any experiences in the comment section below. This is just my personal experience, please consult your doctor if you have any issues.  (more…)

Social Media Marketing Agency – Client Consultation & Content

In this video, I provide some insight into my social media marketing agency. I talk about what I went through in the client consultation and I go on to talk about developing content for social media by taking photos. If you’re interested follow me along my journey. (more…)

Listening isn't about your ears it's not even about paying attention it's about your perception. - Jared Chan


Listening isn’t about your ears, it’s not even about paying attention, it’s about your perception. That’s why most people aren’t good at listening because they can’t perceive reality correctly. – Jared Chan

You see this kind of thing in comment sections on the Internet all the time. Someone will read a comment and project their skewed perception onto what is written or said and come to some delusional conclusion about the meaning. (more…)

Fermented Soybeans – Plant Based Vitamin K2 from Natto

Fermented soybeans are a powerhouse of nutrition and are the highest source of the largely unknown vitamin k2. So you can get all your k2 from plant-based sources by eating natto, a traditional Japanese dish.  (more…)

Irenka Style Interview – Music & The Creative Journey

Very interesting creative journey as she travels from Belgium to Nashville in the U.S to pursue her career as an artist. She’s now touring all around the states. Check out my first creative interview with singer and songwriter Irenka Style… you won’t believe how many times I screw up this interview with my ‘umms’ but luckily Irenka was a fantastic interviewee!  (more…)